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Why Electric Bikes are good for you:


You want to exercise but don’t want to arrive in work in need of a shower each day. Have it your way with our pedal assist bike or a twist and go.

Big Challenge

It’s a big challenge to start cycling again after an extended period, electric bikes are perfect for this as they are pedal assisted i.e. they assist you every time you pedal. You are in control of the level of assistance you receive.

Avoid traffic

Sitting in traffic to and from work is very frustrating, whether you’re driving yourself or availing of public transport, journeys can become rather stressful. Electric bikes are an ideal mode of personal transport.

Financial incentive

We’ll do it all for you, ask us about packages available.
Join our:   

Banned from Driving?

If you have recently been banned from driving and you want to capitalise on this as an opportunity to burn off those extra pounds- jump on one of our electric bikes.

Cycling starting to take it toll

Make life that bit easier on yourself, pedal assisted bikes are like someone giving you that extra push while your cycling-the whole way to work (40kms range).

Stress and strain

Our electric bicycles take both the stress and strain out of cycling. You get to use your bike to do what you want to do without the strain.

    Increased Mobility/ More Convenient Trvael

Electric bicycles meet most mobility needs of everyday life.  Forget having to find a car park or follow a bus route- break free! Electric bikes offer freedom to go your own way- door to door. A 2 B- forget about C- (Car Parking)!

     Health Benefits

We all need to exercise and stay active. Electric bicycles provide a way of staying active without the full strain of cycling. An active life is a healthy life.


With a range of up to 100kms at a cost of less than 2c a charge, you won't get a more efficient form of transport!
If you compare it to a car for example:

  • 10 Fill ups:    If it cost you €80 to fill your car with fuel, for the price of 10 fill ups, you could have an electric bike!            (Fast Forward Peak €1,399 - Our Ebike to work Scheme- €600 = €799)
  • No Tax, No Insurance, No Parking Fees, No Service Costs so no more wasting money!


Electric bikes are safer than regular bikes. They give you the head start you need at traffic lights to stay ahead of traffic.
They also give you that extra bit of power to stop you from swaying when climbing hills.


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