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Try before you buy- Electric bikes


“Try before you buy” @ Go Electric

If you are interested in any of our electric (assisted) bikes but would prefer to put the electric bike through its paces on your terms, thanks to Go Electric, you can now ‘Try Before You Buy’.
If you want to avail of our offer, contact us on 01-442 8406/ info@goelectric.ie to arrange the trial of the electric bike.  Depending on samples at the time of ordering, we may not have the exact model you require.

1. We take a full Credit card authorisation for the total price of the electric bike you want to trail.

2. Collection or Local Delivery can then be arranged from our Head Office in Chapelizod, Dublin.

3. The electric bike is then loaned to you for up three days, so you can test your usual route and put the electric bike through its paces.

4. Once finished with the e-bike we will arrange for a collection or drop off back to our Head Office in Chapelizod..

5. If you subsequently purchase a brand new electric bike, we will deduct the fee from the price of the electric bike.  If however you don't feel that the e-bike is the best choice for you there will be a charge of €49.99 for the first two days rental and €49.99 each additional day.

Terms and Conditions

If any damage is caused to our electric bike while on loan-you will be charged for the cost of parts to repair the e-bike, as well as all labour charges.

If the electric bike is stolen while on loan to you- you are solely liable and will have to pay the full retail price of the electric bike.

If after the loan of the electric bike you decide not to purchase, we will refund your initial payment, minus the rental costs outlined above.

Please note that ‘Free Rental’ and ‘Try Before You Buy’ are only available as individual offers and not in conjunction with other offers.

All deliveries of rental bikes will incur a courier charge. There is no charge for collections.

You can now take advantage of our ‘Free Rental’ and ‘Try Before You Buy’ offers in conjunction with our ebike to work scheme
Save up to €600 off our electric bikes!

If you are considering purchasing an electric bike via a third party scheme, please let us know at the time of rental. We are not always able to refund rental costs for bikes purchased through other bike to work schemes.

We reccommend this 'Trial' option to anyone unsure. Brand new electric bikes will incur fees for any signs of wear and tear. Special Order electric bikes will only be exchanged for credit notes. 

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