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Ribcap protects

High-tech protectors made out of StructUreTM are sewn.in in every Ribcap. These are laminated with a thin layer of high quality shock-absorber SAF which harden at low temperatures.

The laminate StructUre TM-SAF has the following characteristics: - Energy absorbtion thanks to viscoelastic properties - Protection effect also in cold and wet conditons - light weight - porous and breathable - free of solvents


StructUreTM is a light plastic foam. It’s chemistry is based on a modified, solvent free polyurethane reaction. (PUK) The molecular form of the StructUreTM plastic foam can be altered by a bombardment with high energy electrodes. Characteristics such as *toughness, shock-absorbing capability and respiratory *properties can therefore be made to an optimum and be brought up to specific requirements.

StructUreTM is a registered label of the FoamPartner Group and possesses the “Eco-Tex standard 100” certificate.This certifys that the material is free from pollutants and solvents (Test Nr. ZHAO 053928)




Strasbourg Test

Remy Willinger, head protection expert and biomechanics professor at the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (ULP) has comprehensively tested Ribcap at his institute. Result: ** significant potential for head protection **.

Prof. Rémy Willinger has objectively examined Ribcap’s protective function by means of experiments as well as through computer simulation. As a result he came to the conclusion “Ribcap prevents head trauma – in all tested impact situations, heads protected by Ribcap showed significantly lower injury risks

Standard Norm Test

The Swiss Advisory Service for Accident Prevention (bfu, Switzerland) has also tested Ribcap and recognized that the product meets the legal requirements. With the sign CE Ribcap confirms that the requirements of the European Directives 89/686/EWG for the personal protective equipment are being fully met.

PPE model category I, directive 89/686/EEC ** Warning, doesn’t have the same protective effect as a helmet**



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