Go Electric, California Heights, Chapelizod, Dublin 20, Ireland
info@GoElectric.ie, +353 1 4428406

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Shipping and Payment Terms:

Where to Buy and electric bike?

You can purchase online but we'd reccommend you come to our Chapelizod, Dublin office and trial our range to make sure you get one that you're comfortable with.

How to pay for an electric bike?

You can use different payment methods depending on shipping time, your country and comfort.

What about special order other electric bikes that you don't stock?

If for any reason you wish to return a 'special order' electric bike, there will be a 're-stocking fee' or 'return' fee of 10% of full RRP. This is non- negotiable. 

We offer free shipping of electric bikes to all of Ireland.

All orders outside Ireland should contact us
for shipping quote. info@GoElectric.ie
E.g. UK- single electric bike €80.
All other accessories are priced individually e.g. Ribcap to most of Europe €10
Any Shipping Prices are only quoted to Ireland, International shipping will be charged additionally after your purchase when you submit your address.

-Order online or contact Elisa to confirm stock (not always up to date).
-Additional postage will be charged for additional weight. P&P = An Post charge, we do not chare for packing.
-No P&P charged for collection.
-Shipping Costs are paid to 3rd party forwarders and cannot be returned. 

1. Cash in Advance:

After you have received your order confirmation by email, just transfer your complete amount of the order to our bank address. Please include your invoice/ order number in reference box.
Usual shipping time: 3-5 days after order and payment.

2. Cash at Pickup:

This method is the best, if you want to collect your products directly from us. Place your order, when you receive your confirmation email- Contact us and we’ll pick you your products so they’re waiting for you.
Usual shipping time: Depending on how long you need!

3. Credit Card:

We can accept credit card transactions over the phone or via Paypal.
Usual Shipping time: 2-3 days after order

4. Paypal:

Last but not least we also offer PayPal. So you can order fast and transactions are insured too!
Usual shipping time: 2-3 days after order
                              The safest way to pay!

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