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FAQ's - E-Bikes                  

FAQ's - E-Cars

Can I buy and Electric Bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme and save tax?

Yes our Electric Bikes are pedal assisted and approved for the Cycle to Work Scheme.
Please see our "E-bike to Work" section and save up to €600 off the purchase price.

What is a "Pedelec"?

A "Pedelec" is an PEDal ELEctric Cycle.
If you're thinking about buying an electric bicycle, the first thing you should know is the difference between “Pedelec” and “Twist-and-go” versions. Pedelec’s assist you as you pedal, they have no throttle. On the other hand, “twist-and-go” versions have a throttle- similar to a scooter.
For more information on the differences of the two, please visit our Blog section.


What is Legal?

From a legal perspective, in Northern Ireland both 'Pedalecs' and 'twist and go' versions are classified as bicycles. Unfortunately in the Republic of Ireland there is a difference. Pedelec's are legally classified as a bicycle while twist-and-go versions are currently classified as light scooters. If you would like to help us change this, please register your interest.
Retailers are obliged to explain the differences to you. There are a number of illegal Chinese electric bikes for sale on the Irish market from suppliers that would prefer not to tell you the truth. The simple way to remember is, if it has a throttle or you don’t have to pedal (at any stage) - it isn’t a bicycle!
If you’re not sure, ask us! We sell both Pedelecs and Twist and go versions. Twist and go versions are ideal for off road use i.e Farms, parks, hotels campuses etc


You are very welcome to visit our showroom and test ride any of our e-bikes, but if you'd rather not make the journey to Dublin you can test ride your e-bike when it is delivered by our expert staff. If for some reason you're not happy with it we will give you a 100% quibble-free refund.

Please visit our "Try before you buy" section for more information.

How can I keep my e-bike secure?

We recommend Kryptonite locks.

To maximize security, we recommend securing your frame to an immovable object and also use another Kryptonite lock if necessary to lock your wheels. Quick release parts will get stolen if you're not careful!

What Warranty do you Offer?

A2B offer a manufacturers warranty of 2 years on all new bikes and 1 year on replacement parts once fitted by an A2B agent.  Warranty is implied unless stated otherwise on your invoice.


How do I get my e-bike serviced?

Any bicycle shop will be able to service our electric bicycles.
The motor and battery are completely sealed and should not require any additional service.

Before being stored for a long period (i.e. winter), the battery should be fully recharged and then should be recharged at least once  every 3 months

We recommend servicing once a year or every 3000 km, whichever occurs sooner. This is only for safe keeping, checking tires, brakes and rear spokes.

Our e-bikes are built to a quality standard - not a price, so will last a lifetime if well maintained, so do check things like tyre condition and pressures, chain lubrication, brake adjustment and control cables regularly.

Do you have a helpline?


Telephone: 01 442 8406

Email: info@goelectric.ie

Do you supply spare parts?


We can supply and fit spare parts for all our e-bikes including replacement batteries and chargers. One of the great advantages of buying (and selling!) quality e-bikes is the speed with which spare parts arrive - usually next day by DHL or UPS. And they always fit. You won't get this with Chinese bikes!
We use branded batteries (Panasonic or Sanyo), motors and components.

Why don't Go Electric sell cheaper e-bikes?

Because they perform poorly and have proven unreliable!! - They create false economy and cost much more in the long run (or worse still end up rusting in the shed behind the lawn mower unused).

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Our ebikes are dependable and built to very high quality standards and are far better value than cheaper 'built-to-a-price' machines.

If you'd like to spend less, have a look at our used e-bike section. You will find a range of second hand, ex-rental and ex-demo e-bikes, all 'built-to-a-quality-standard' (unless otherwise stated- we do get odd trade ins).

How Can I Pay for my E-Bike

We can accept online payments via PAYPAL: Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Solo, and Maestro. If you would prefer to pay by cheque, bank transfer or by card over the phone, please contact us by email or telephone
Email: info@goelectric.ie
Telephone: 01 442 8406

Once your order has been processed you will receive an order confirmation via email - or telephone if you selected this option at checkout - within 3 hours*. This will include a suggested delivery date and time.

If you are happy with the proposed delivery time you don't need to do anything else - we will telephone you the day before delivery to make sure you will be in to receive your e-bike and have set time aside for us to show you how your e-bike works and for your first test ride.

If your chosen model and frame size should be temporarily sold out, your order will automatically secure one from the next available consignment. The order confirmation will include details of when the next consignment will arrive at our headquarters and provisional date and time for our staff to deliver your e-bike. We will also contact you to discuss the merits of other models of similar performance, frame type and size that are available sooner from stock.

*or before noon the next working day if your order was placed outside normal working hours.

Energy is supplied from a rechargeable battery which provides power to an electric motor mounted in the frame or in the front or rear wheel. In high quality EU-manufactured models the assistance level is directly proportional to the amount of effort applied to the pedals.

The experience is similar to that of riding a conventional bike, but the effort required is much less - on full power you can whiz along at 25mk/h and it seems the effort required by you amounts to no more than the weight of your shoes on the pedals. No jolts, no shocks - just like riding a bike only much easier!

As fast as you can pedal!

The electrical assistance can whiz you along at 25km/h - which is much faster than most can or do pedal a conventional bicycle - but by law the assistance must drop off at this point so if you'd like to go faster you can but you're on your own!

Range varies depending on what type of battery your e-bike has and what level of assistance you choose.

Note. Range is also affected by variables such as rider weight, road conditions, terrain, and wind direction. If you'd like to discuss a particular route to work or journey, please don’t hesitate to call or email us for advice.

On a flat road our e-bikes will cruise at 25km/h with little more than the weight of your shoes on the pedals.

Between 2 and 5 hours from flat to fully charged.

Lithium-ion batteries fitted to our e-bikes have no 'memory effect' so don't need to be flat before you recharge -  you can top-up any time you like without fear of damaging or reducing the long term life of the battery. They're just like a mobile phone battery.

Approx 2 cent.

Do I need a license? Do I have to pay for road tax, wear a cycle helmet, or take out insurance?

No. No, No, and Yes.

Because our electric bikes comply with the EU legislation that classifies them as bicycles, so you don't need a license, road tax, an MOT or insurance

Yes you do need all of the above to use the A2B Metro and Excel on the road in the Republic of Ireland.

Note. For some people and in some circumstances insurance and a helmet is a good idea. We reccommend Cyclesure.ie for quotes.


I'm in a hurry! How do I get faster delivery?

If you just can't wait and would rather not travel to Dublin to pick up your electric bike, please email or telephone us: Next day delivery can be arranged!

Email: info@goelectric.ie

Telephone: 01 442 8406


How will I know my order was placed successfully?

Once your order has been processed you will receive an order confirmation via email - or telephone if you selected this option at checkout - within 3 hours*.

*or before noon the next working day if your order was placed outside normal working hours.


If I change my mind can I cancel my order?

Yes, right up to the very last minute.

You can cancel your order at any time. Simply call or email to discuss an alternative model or to get a full refund.

Note: After you have inspected the e-bike, completed the test ride, and agreed that the one we have delivered is the right e-bike for you, the sale will be complete. Please be sure you are happy with everything before we leave as we cannot accept returns or give refunds once our delivery staff have driven away unless the e-bike can been shown to have a design or manufacturing fault. We then retain the right to determine the appropriate remedy, be that on-site repair or replacement of a part, a replacement e-bike, or full or partial refund.


Can I take my e-bike on a Train?


E-bikes are treated in exactly the same way as conventional bikes. Different train operating companies have different rules for carrying bicycles, so best to check with them before your journey but as a general rule bikes travel free and folding bikes are best for peak travel times.

For more information, please visit Irish Rails website.

Our Head Office and Demo grounds are located just 4km from Heuston Train Station. We can come and pick you up.

Does the extra weight make it difficult to cycle without assistance?


Modern e-bike batteries are very light and few people notice the difference between riding a conventional bike and an e-bike with the assitance switched off.


Do e-bikes recharge their batteries when you pedal or when you brake?

In most cases- No but the A2B Hybrid 24" does have regenerative function returning a small amount of power back to the battery.


FAQ's E-Cars

How far can an Electric Car go?

This depends on the car you choose, each car is different and technologies are always changing. Anywhere from 100-500kms per charge.
Find a model you like and talk to your local dealer about specific specification of the cars range etc. Join us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news from the Electric Vehicle industry.


Electric cars seem more expensive?

Electric cars are far more economical than petrol/ Diesel cars.
Average electric car electric for a year- €200-€350. Petrol/ Diesel could be up to 10 times that!
€5,000 grant available to smooth the purchase price- won't be there for ever. There are a number of incentives available for consumers looking to make the switch.

For the price of filling your petrol tank (€80) 3 times, you've paid for annual electricity for running an EV.

What incentives are there for Go-ing Electric?

The SEAI are the governing body in control of the grants. Current grants include:
  • Free Home charge point
  • €5,000 grant
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance
Future grants will hopefully include:
  • Free city centre parking- while your car charges
  • Access to Bus lanes
For more information, please visit the SEAI website.


Where can I charge an Electric Car?

ESB Ecars devision are overseeing the roll out of electric vehicle charging points. You can view or download a map/ app for your phone here

Please vist the ESB- Ecars website for the most up to date information on charging infrastructure.  

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