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Electric Bikes

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Here @ Go Electric we have a wide range of high-quality electric bicycles and scooters for sale. We are national distributors for a variety of internationally branded electric bikes. If you don't see what you're looking for here, let us know and we can also source high end electric bikes for you or at least offer some advice.

Electric Bikes allow you to go farther and faster and are also a much safer option!

Welcome back A2B electric bikes- Go Green!

Electric bicycles take the strain out of cycling- flattening hills and helping you glide through headwinds. They give you peace of mind, knowing that you have the motor to assist you when you need a little push.

"Sorry we don't sell cheap electric bikes- we only sell quality Euorpean brands with superior branded batteries!" Look for a second- hand good quality electric bike before buying a cheap one brand new- you get what you pay for!


Our Electric Bike Range


        Premium German designed electric bikes from www.ebikes.ie     

A2B Electric Bikes Now On Sale

The A2B range is a high-end range of sturdy electric bikes introducing real quality into the e-bike sector. While most other manufacturers are bolting motors onto regular bicycles, A2B started from scratch and set out to be an amazing electric bike.

The A2B range currently consists of the Hybrids 24" and 26", and the Metro Scooter. The Hybrids are our top of the range 'Pedelec's, the Metro is a 'twist and go',while the Metro sits somewhere in between with pedals and 'twist and go'- designed to give you a boost when you need it.
A2B belt driven electric bike ebikes.ie
A2B Entz (Belt driven)
A2B Hybrid 24
Upgraded Models
Now in- Stock!
A2B Metro electric bike sale ebikes.ie
A2B Metro (Scooter)

New Additions to the A2B Range of high-end electric bikes back in 2014, from the Folding electric
A2B Kuo
 to the great A2B Galvani and A2B Ferber. These bikes were introduced in 2014
due to customer feedback for quality electric bikes built from the ground up. They've all being revamped for 216:

High end electric bikes- Special Order
A2B Shima high speed electric bike ebikes.ie
A2B Shima
(High Speed Pedal assist 45+km/ph)
A2B Obree Electric bike ebikes.ieA2B Obree 24"

A2B Orsted 26"


A2B Kuo folding electric bike www.ebikes.ie
(36v Folding Electric bike)
A2B Galvani Electric bike
A2B Galvani

A2B Ferber Step- thru www.ebikes.ie
A2B Ferber

Full range of A2B range of electric bikes and to pre-order the , please click here.

Now in stock:

A2B Kroemer electric mountain bike ebikes.ie              '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''   A2B Ride Plus ebikes.ie
A2B Kroemer
27.5" eMTB
  A2B Ride Plus


Fast 4 Ward from A2B Electric Bikes Now On Sale:

Fast 4 Ward Peak electric bike Fast 4 Ward unisex step thru electric bike
Fast 4 Ward Peak Fast 4 Ward Ride (Unisex)


Technically, we don't do second-hand electric bikes but from time to time, we do sell off our own demo electric bikes at discounted prices throughout the year. If you're interested in keeping up to date with our latest discounted electric bikes, feel free to joint our Newsletter List and also check our Clearance Section.
Clearance Section, used electric bikes and discount accessories

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Save up to €600!


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