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Bike to Work Scheme for Electric bikes! ebikes.ie

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A2B electric bike ebikes.ie


Welcome to the "Electric-Bike to Work Scheme"

Electric bicycles are the ideal mode for personal transportation. Since the majority of people
commute alone to work each day, electric bikes are ideal substitutes for using your car.

“Every electric bike is one less car-Ditch the car and make your commute cheap and easy”.

The E-Bike Scheme is run solely by Go Electric and complements all existing Cycle-to-Work
schemes.  We offer a range of high quality electric bikes on similar terms to the Cycle-to-Work
scheme but we offer additional savings by cutting out the middleman.

Email us today for an information pack or submit contact details for your current cycle
scheme administrator.

2015 A2B Ferber

Savings and Benefits

  • Income tax (currently 20% and 40%)
  • PRSI
  • Levies
  • €200 Parking Levy
  • Save on PRSI payments
  • Reduce the amount of car parking spaces staff use
        1 car park space = 10 bicycle spaces
  • Staff become more punctual by avoiding traffic

How the E-Bike Scheme works in 5 Easy Steps

1. You choose an electric bike
2. Go to HR / Bike Scheme Administrator and request to join our E-Bike to work scheme
3. Your HR/ Bike scheme administrator contacts us and we invoice your company
4. You pay additional down payment and collect the bike
5. You commit to a salary sacrifice to re reimburse your company


Benefits of E-Bikes

1. Save money
2. Great residuals
3. Healthy
4. Eco-Friendly
5. Speedier travel
6. Cut the stress out of cycling
7. Safety
8. Fitness
9. A to B - No Sweat!
10. Punctuality- cut out the commuting delays

E-Bike Scheme Examples

Higher rate taxpayer: 40% Tax + 7.5% PRSI + 4.5% USC = 52%
              (€1,500 cap on electric bikes)
  A2B               A2B                 A2B               
  Kuo+ (36v) Ferber Obree
Cost of e-bike €1,799 €2,299 €3,299
Tax Relief on first €1,500- invoiced to your company 52% 52% 52%
Tax relief Saving on first €1,500 €780 €780 €780
Remaining Balance €299 €799 €1,799
12 Months Salary Sacrifice €60 €60 €60
Net Cost €1,019 €1,519 €2,519
*Remaining balance should be paid in advance.      
Basic rate taxpayer: 20% Tax + 7% PRSI + 4.5% USC = 31%
              (€1,500 cap on electric bikes)
  A2B    A2B A2B
  Kuo+ (36v) Ferber Obree 
Cost of e-bike €1,499 €2,199 €3,299
Tax Relief on first €1000- invoiced to your company 31% 31% 31%
Tax relief Saving €310 €310 €310
 Balance (paid by you to Go Electric) €499 €1,199 €2,299
12 Months Salary Sacrifice €58 €58 €58
Net Cost €1,189 €1,889 €2,989
*Remaining balance should be paid in advance.      

More savings:

Parking levies €200 p.a.
Petrol/ bus fare etc €50 pw / €2,400 p.a.
Servicing costs €500 + p.a.

You can also pay the remaining balance monthly:

12 Months with E-Bike Scheme

(Example based on Higher Tax rate)

We'll use the 2015 A2B Ferber
in this example
Cash price €1,999
Deposit €350

E-Bike scheme €1,000
Balance to pay €549 (to Go Electric)

12 Monthly salary sacrifice €41 (€58-lower rate)

Total cost of bike over 12 months €1,391 (€1,589- lower rate)

You can choose to pay a higher deposit than the €350 minimum at the time of your application.

" 64% of the UK population own bikes, 2% use them."


The 3 main barriers to cycling to work in Dublin:

1. Distance

Almost 40% of people working in Dublin's city centre travel less than 5km (just over 3 miles) to work. That's a short distance by electric bike and can be a lot quicker than commuting by car. If you were to cycle 5km to work at an average speed of 20km/hr you'd be in work in 15 minutes! For those of you with a bit further to travel or want to cut your journey in half, why not try an electric bicycle? Our range of electric bikes can travel 50+km’s from one full charge.
Apart from saving money and keeping fit, there’s nothing better than gliding past cars stuck in traffic. One of the best things about E-biking to work is the predictability of journey times. You know pretty much exactly how long it’s going to take you so you can leave the house later.

2. Weather

Dubliners experience an average of just under 800mm rain per year compared with 2800mm in some parts of the west. The average annual rainfall in Dublin is less than that of Amsterdam (804mm), a city that has a strong cycling culture.
For anyone who cycles, light rain isn’t a big issue for short commuter cycles (sure you’d probably get just as wet by the time you walk to the bus stop and wait on a bus!). Heavy rain, however, is a problem. Having said that, considering commuters only face an average of 12 days heavy rain per year, you shouldn’t let this put you off!
Besides, all rain issues, light or heavy, can be easily solved if you have the right raingear. It’s probably worth your while investing in a nice breathable waterproof jacket. You can also get waterproof trousers to wear when the rain is heavy but you needn't bother spending too much on these as you won't get to wear them very often.
For more on this, please visit original article here.

3. Effort

Electric bikes cut the effort out of cycling, hills become flat roads and perspiration becomes a thing of the past. The best way to describe the assistance of an electric bike is as Tony Mudd (The Sunday Times, 16/11/08) puts it “it’s a bit like learning to ride with your mum pushing from behind. The degree of aid depended on which setting you chose: economy (mum walking), normal (mum jogging) or what we christened “supermum”, which makes climbing hills about as tough as it is for Superman to fly over a building. You are in full control at all times, without the strain.

They don’t seem like such big barriers anymore…

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