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Corporate Electric Bikes

Electric bike- friendly employers

Payments and incentives

Mileage Allowance

An employer cannot pay people to travel to and from work by electric bike. Or, rather, it can but any such payment would be viewed by the Revenue as an increase in salary and would be taxed accordingly. However, an employer may - and should - pay cyclists an allowance for business mileage. Cycling is a low-cost form of transport, but it certainly is not free. At the very least, cyclists should be compensated for the wear and tear to their bicycles.

The Revenues cycling allowance is currently 8c per kilometer (20p per mile for N.I. ) for business journeys made by bicycle/e-bike. Higher payments will be subject to tax. Nevertheless, many employers do pay a considerably higher mileage allowance and the money is an obvious inducement to travel by bike. For example, Richmond Council in the U.K. are very proactive in this area- currently pay 50p per mile making cycling on business a financially attractive form of transport. That’s more than our maximum rate in a car!

An alternative way of offering an incentive for cycle use is to ‘pay’ people in the form of extra time off. Several companies grant staff an extra five minutes holiday every time they cycle to work. It doesn’t sound a lot, but for regular cyclists it can amount to an extra two-and-a-half days’ leave each year.


Pool Bikes

Fleet of A2B Hybrid electric bikes.

A pool of electric bicycles can be useful for travel on-site (if your organisation covers a large area), for short business trips, site visits, or for staff to reach nearby shops or cafes at lunchtime.

The electric bikes will almost certainly be used by those new to, or returning to, cycling rather than experienced cycle commuters (who will, of course, have their own bikes). Pool electric bikes are therefore acting as ambassadors for e-cycling. The hope is that, after a few trips on a pool electric bike, the borrower will be so impressed that he or she will invest in an electric bicycle of their own. So pool electric bikes need to be comfortable, easy to use and reliable. No-one will be turned on to e-cycling if they suffer a sore bum, a jammed derailleur and a puncture!

Buy good quality electric bikes equipped with mudguards, a luggage rack, a bell and a D-lock. Choose bikes in a range of frame sizes or opt for a design of bike that can be adjusted to fit both tall and short riders, (Our folding e-the F4W Edge is particularly good in this respect). The electric bikes will need regular servicing and maintenance. They will need to be insured, and your pool bike system will also need administering and publicising. Staff need to be told where the electric bikes are kept and how to book one. Somewhere before the car park is ideal, it reminds people of the alternative option.

Pooled electric bikes are great, everyone has the same type of battery/ charger so you can always have a fully charged battery for those extra long journies.

Bikes Purchase Scheme

The E-Bike to Work Scheme allows staff to save up to €600 0ff any of our electric bikes.
e-bike to work
The Inland Revenue in the UK allows employers to offer interest-free or low-interest loans of up to £5,000 repayments are deducted from employees’ monthly salaries. Such loans can enable staff to invest in good quality electric bike and accessories relatively painlessly.

Guaranteed ride home

‘What happens if my electric bike gets stolen?’ ‘What if I have a puncture?’ ‘Suppose I have to work late?’ People’s worries about potential pitfalls and disruptions often deter them from cycling. Employers can address these concerns by guaranteeing staff a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency or the need for unexpected overtime.

Cycle Skills training

Many employers face a dilemma: on the one hand they are keen to encourage cycle commuting but, on the other hand, they are reluctant to see staff, who may not have cycled for many years, venturing out onto today’s roads and mixing with today’s traffic. Many employees are reluctant to cycle for exactly the same reason. Cycle training has a proven track record as a way of increasing people’s skill and confidence and inspiring them to cycle. A number of organisations provide cycling at workplaces. Click here to find out more.

Cycle workshops

We arrange for cycle mechanics to travel to your workplace and teach you have to maintain your bike/ e-bike. This can be really fun and staff tend to love showing off to eachother. Would you like to be able to fix your own punchure and maybe even adjust your gears and brakes too? Give us a call today!

Other incentives

Some, or all, of the following may be appropriate at your workplace:
  •  Corporate Discounts. We offer special discounts to all corporate accounts. You can get up to 10% off and even more for group purchases.
  • Cycle Maintenance. Get your e-bike/bike maintenance done while you work, just drop your bike off in the morning and pick it up for you return trip home. Better still we can arrange to pick up bikes from your workplace, and drop them back, fully serviced at the end of the day. We can arrange group schemes.
  • Flexible approach to benefits. Allow employees who qualify for a company car to take a cash payment instead. Or allow staff to exchange their on-site car parking permits for cash or we can arrange vouchers to spend on an electric bike.
UK Only:
  • ETA membership. The Environmental Transport Association (the ’green’ version of the AA or RAC) offers a range of services including cycle recovery, and group membership can be purchased.

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