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Supporting the EV Revolution

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Business consultation:

We offer the following services to help your staff cut the cost of getting to work:
  • Travel path’ consultation- includes bus, train and Dart.
  • Forget the car’ promotions
  • Cycle parking’- Plan (CAD drawings) and execution
  • Electric Bike to Work Scheme
                 Electric Bike to Work- Tax free Scheme
There are no negative implications, what’s stopping you?


How can our company get involved?

  • Install a charging point.
  • Support staff to Go Electric.
  • Tell others you Go-ing Electric!

What do we do?

EV Charging:
You designate a minimum of one parking space in a highly visible area for the charging of electric vehicles.
If the area is free from children and vandals, you can simply install an outdoor socket and mark the assigned parking space for “electric vehicles only!”- Similar to spaces designated for designated for disabled

Electric Bike Fleet:
Some companies have staff electric bikes. We can brand and promte them for you. They can be utilised to for any business trip and will always show your colours and commitment to the cause. How often does someon in your office take their car for a meeting less than 10kms away? These are ideal journies for electric bikes.

How much will it cost us?

Committing to the cause costs nothing!

Charge point

The cost of the installation depends on the level of your commitment. If you are prepared to designate a parking space outside your front door, advertising your commitment to support electric vehicles, your only cost is the installation of an outdoor standard plug socket-approx €200 + €2 each night someone charges there e-car.

Electric Bikes

You can start with one electric bike but based on experience, you'll have a few in no time. We will arrange all branding requirements for you. Visit out electric bike range today.

What Return will we get?

You will be added to our list of “Businesses supporting the EV revolution.” This is a list on our website of companies that are supporting the revolution. Both employees and customers will benefit from this list:


If you provide a designated space for employees, this gives them the option to re-charge their e-car/bike while at work. Thus you will also be avoiding the €200 parking Levy.


You will be inviting electric vehicle drivers to visit your premises. In the short term this will generate business for you since their will only be a short list of businesses to choose from. But in the long run, if you choose not to install a charging point, you are effectively turning drivers away. The Fáilte Ireland Green Hotels is a good example. If you install chargers, they can come.... if you don't- they can't!

Not ready to embrace EV's yet?

If your business is not ready to Go Electric yet, we can also work with companies in order to offer staff the opportunity to avail of alternative modes of transport to work, more importantly-save money.

Cut your ratios of cars to bicycles- one typical 3m x 5m car parking space can accommodate up to 10 bicycles and would cost €200 a year in levies.

Other options include:

  • Public transport- tax savers
  • Car-pooling
  • Cycling-see our E-bike to work scheme tax saver scheme. By simply joining our scheme, you save your staff money at no cost at all!

We customise plans for your companies needs.

To find out more about these sort of plans, please visit Smarter Travel Workplaces website:


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