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Commuter Savings

Commuter Savings

The rising cost of patrol going to work…

It has become too expensive and the second/ primary car is no longer justifiable. At €1.60 per litre-it’s starting to cost you money to go to work- it’s time to cut costs! One practical alternative is an electric vehicle as a substitute for your current travel arrangements.

How much does it cost you to go to work?

More importantly, what costs can you cut out? An Electric bike will help to eliminate the need for morning luxuries while giving you some much needed daily exercise (without the sweat!). At less than10c a charge; they pay for themselves in no time!

Cut on the running cost

  1. Tax
  2. Insurance
  3. Parking levies
  4. Fuel
  5. Service
  6. Depreciation- the biggest cost after fuel purchase!


  Our “E-Bike to Work”:

Save up to 60% on the cost of your new electric bike.

Ebike to work Scheme

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