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10 Reasons to go Electric


10 Reasons to Go Electric

  1. Petrol prices-
    Petrol is a shocking €1.60 per litre at the pump. Average cost of electricity for a year is approx. €240!  You can run an EV for a year for the price of 3 fill ups (€80each).
  2. Traditional Car Manufacturers- 
    All of the major car manufacturers have launched electric cars. There are incentives for early adopters.
  3. Road tax-
    Electric cars benefit from the lowest road tax. Hopefully they will soon be exempt from paying it altogether.
  4. Help the Environment-
    If you choose to cut your emissions now, you are helping to meet the demands put on the Irish government by the Kyoto protocol of reducing our overall emissions.
  5. Save Money!-
    You can start saving today. Don’t waste money driving every day. For the cost of a month’s petrol/ diesel bill, you can charge your car for 1 year!! For more information on how to save on your commuting costs visit Smarter travel workplaces.
  6. Stress Free—
    -No Vibration
    -No Engine Noise
    -No Exhaust Fumes
    -No Petrol/ Diesel stop
    -No Gear Changes
    -No STRESS !!
  7. Business Customers-
    Companies can avail of a 100% year one tax write down, Under Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme.
  8. Parking Levy-
    Do you want an excuse to be excluded from the €200 charge for driving to work? It will cover more than 50,000 car park spaces in the private and public sectors and the best part is-you don’t have to be one of them.

    Savings if you buy now rather than wait:
  9. Accelerated Capital Allowances
    This current scheme is not applicable to electric bicycles.  Follow link below to see how the ACA scheme works
  10. Time is money-
    Reduce your running costs today!

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